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The advantages of the territory

Education and training

In order to guarantee a good quality of education and training in the Béarn, there are many infrastructures and schools, public or private, ranging from the crèche to the General and specialised postgraduate studies, through elementary schools, colleges and high schools.

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Pau Béarn Pyrénées, a territory where it is good to study.

University and hight schools present in Pau Béarn Pyrénées

Pau Béarn Pyrenees gathers 12 000 students on the different institutions of higher education, distributed on the campus of the University of Pau and the pays de l’adour, and the other higher establishments: Ecole Supérieure de commerce, EISTI, CNPC, CESI ENSGTI.

University of Pau and Pays de l’Adour
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The University of Pau and the pays de l’adour is distinguished by a complete range of training courses and particularly developed research laboratories. The UPPA offers a multidisciplinary offer in initial, continuing, alternating or apprenticeship training in three major disciplinary fields : law, economics and management; Science and technology letters, languages, humanities and sport.

  • 21 academic research teams including 8 teams associated with the CNRS
  • More than 1 700 foreign students welcomed every year to the UPPA
  • 60 students with Bac+5 in apprenticeship contract at ESC Pau
  • 100 graduates entering the working life are recruited to the graduation at the international school of information processing Sciences (EISTI PAU)

The UPPA is positioned among the 18 French universities that are winners of future investments with the project E2S “Ssolutions for Energy and the Environment”. It is carried out by the Consortium UPPA, INRA, INRIA, in close collaboration with its industrial partners total, Arkema, Teromega, Safran and its Spanish partners, universities of the Basque country and Zaragoza.

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The international school of information processing Sciences trains computer engineers and mathematics engineers.
Its trainings allow careers with various courses and offer wide opportunities in sectors such as banking, finance, insurance, the environment health, marketing or industry that still lack of efficient engineers.


Medicine is also present in Pau. The first year of common health studies (PACES) has been carried out on the Pau campus via the University of Bordeaux since 2017.

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ENSGTI trains future engineers in the energy, eco-industries (air, water…), process industries (chemical industries, parachimics, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals…).
This school offers interdisciplinary training and pedagogy that integrates, beyond the scientific and technical aspects, the economic, legal and ethical dimensions. Its strength : to rely on a strong network of industrial partners at local, national or international level.
The ENSGTI offers the same services as a major engineering school, in terms of infrastructure, training, and opportunities.

University and research

The Pau Campus brings together internationally renowned research laboratories such as iprem, the Institute of analytical sciences and physico-chemistry for environment and materials, and IPRA, the multidisciplinary Research Institute Applied.

  • 3 research federations
  • 2 doctoral schools
  • One hundred graduate students per year
  • 500 researchers
  • 539 PhD students
ESC Pau Groupe
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Specializing in management and commerce, Member of the Conference of grandes écoles, ESC issues diplomas from BAC to Bac+5 recognized by the State. Since the re-entry of 2017, they have developed an original pedagogical concept : for Tomorrowers®, based on learning through experimentation and coaching so that graduates are able to anticipate changes, to constantly adapt to social-economic changes and to know how to solve complex problems by being creative.


The training in Béarn is also a specialized offer in connection with the economic, industrial and technical fabric of the region.

Thus, the territory has CFA, training schools and engineering schools geared towards industrial sectors such as CESI, EFF, as well as to trade and sport channels.

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CESI (campus of higher education and vocational training) in ASAT and Pau, is both a school of engineers offering specialized master courses® labelled by the Conference of major schools, in the fields of quality safety Environment and organization and industrial performance, Informatics, and industry and services, and a higher school of alternation proposing alternating trainings in the following courses : computer & digital, Human resources and quality, safety & environment.
These vocational training courses are aimed at young people pursuing studies as well as adults wishing to reinforce their skills or to move towards a new career path.


The Adour training centre (CFAI Adour) trains every year in the trades of the industry 510 young people within its 4 sites in the territory of the Adour : Assat, Pau, Tarbes and Tarnos. Its degree of success in diplomas and its insertion rate make it a reference. Apprenticeship courses range from the CAP to the degree of engineering in the fields as diverse as : boilermaking and welding, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, Aerostructure, maintenance, design, engineering, industrial computing and networks.

EFF (French drilling school)
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Established in the region for 30 years, this school aims to train the drilling trades by covering all the positions, from beginner to drilling supervisor. Specific long-term training programmes combining theory, practice and field experience have been set up jointly with major players in the oil industry. Each program is built around the needs and constraints of each company.

CNPC, first network school specialized in sport
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Since 1981, the NCPC has been accompanying the development of sport companies by training people who will be in line with the evolution of techniques, methods and products. It offers different courses, diploma or qualification to become a cycle technician, ski, surf, golf, tennis, sales promoter, spokes Manager or store manager. Created by and for companies in the sector, it collaborates with the largest companies, manufacturers and distributors combined (Intersport, Décathlon, Quiksilver…).

  • 7 sites in France and 30 different trades prepared
  • 5 800 graduates in business
  • 92 placement within 6 months after graduation
  • 4 000 partner companies in France and abroad

Whether you wish to become a cycle technician, ski, surf, golf, tennis, sales promoter, Department Manager or store manager or you want as an employee to deepen your knowledge to progress, the NCPC is able to offer you training.


To come and study in Pau Béarn Pyrenees, is to take advantage of major advantages :

an exceptional living environment within 2 hours of the Pyrenees and the ocean, a quality of the workplace and infrastructures, public and private establishments classified among the best French 100, a closeness to the teachings and a serious accompaniment, an excellent success rate for competitions and professional insertion.

A wide choice of trainings is offered to allow to stay on the territory Béarnais. To learn more about the education policy of the Pyrénées Atlantiques department and to discover all the schools in the paloise region, visit the sites of our partners.

40 school colleges and cities in the Department

17 high schools (8 General and technological and 9 professionals) in Béarn

20 school groups, 10 private schools and 1 calendreta in Pau

The city of Pau welcomes 6 500 children

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The international school of Béarn : a unique teaching in Pau Béarn Pyrenees.

The Béarn international school is a school from kindergarten to high school.

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This private school welcomes children from two and a half years, regardless of their mother tongue and offers English instruction. Students quickly and naturally become bilingual thanks to a total immersion in the language of Shakespeare. They also follow French courses according to their level.
This international school, unique in the region, has emerged in 2002 and nothing seems to interrupt its ascent. Having started with only 2 children, it now has a hundred representing 18 nationalities. Students benefit from reduced-strength classes.

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