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Cost of living and real estate

The magazine L’Express establishes every year a ranking of French cities where it is good to live and work. A ranking in which the magazine measures, according to different criteria, which cities would have the most assets to welcome someone who would like to leave Paris.

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Pau, the second city where life is good and working in New Aquitaine

The Paloise agglomeration rises to the 15th place of cities where it does not only “good living” but also “good work”

The criteria defining the quality of life take into account as well the living environment : the sunshine, the proximity to the sea and mountains, the cultural offer, the quality of the air, that the offer of care, the security, the price of the real estate and the education.

On average, the cost of living in Pau and Béarn in 2019 is 18 less important than in the average of French cities. This translates as well on leisure which is varied and very accessible, as rents, the offer of catering or transport which remain for each 10 to 20 cheaper than in megacities.

The average rent in Pau is 386 € by month

The average rent in Paris is 824 € per month

The average subscription to public transport in Pau is 147 € per year

The average subscription to public transport in Paris is 343 € per year


A city that remains very competitive for real estate purchases

The demographic explosion on Bordeaux has led to an increase in the significance of real estate prices. For example, to reside in the Bordeaux metropolitan area with a budget of 200 000€, you will be able to purchase an apartment of 47m2. On Anglet or Biarritz, you can acquire a property of an average surface between 40 and 56 m2. In comparison with the same budget, on Pau Béarn Pyrenees, the surfaces can go up to 139m2.

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