Invest in Pau


Pau Béarn Pyrénées

The attractiveness of Pau Béarn Pyrénées rests on its unique duality : the equivalent of a metropolis by its economic opportunities, its industrial development, R&D, its students, and a territory offering a quality of life-rhythm, context, environment-exceptional. To settle yourself in Pau Béarn Pyrénées is to choose a land of innovation for its poles of excellence, invest in a quality ecosystem and live the Southwest intensely.


Why choose Pau Béarn Pyrénées ?

For its flourishing economic environment, exceptional industrial development, opportunities for innovation and research in full expansion and an international university network.


Why invest in Pau Béarn Pyrénées ?

Pau Béarn Pyrénées is a territory with multiple resources, a strategic position, local and international markets, support of project promoters and a privileged reception for new investors.


Why live in Pau Béarn Pyrénées ?

The Southwest : it is a unique art of living, protected environment, privileged climate, relationship to different times…

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