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Béarn and the Pau agglomeration are rich in different competitiveness clusters that can help you in your integration efforts on the territory. These business favor the development of particularly innovative collaborative research and development (R&D) projects.

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Our professional networks support businesses in the territory to become engines of growth and employment

All professional networks of the territories Pau Béarn Pyrénées

Aérospace Valley

The Aerospace Valley global competitiveness cluster combines the regions of new Aquitaine and Occitania, thus constituting the first European employment pool in the field of Aerospace, space and embedded systems. Its ambition is to grow jobs on its territory in these areas.

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Agri Sud-Ouest innovation

The Agri Sud-Ouest innovation competitiveness cluster accompanies the actors and suppliers of agriculture and agro-industry in the emergence, design and assembly of collaborative and innovative R&D projects. Thanks to its network of interactive skills, the cluster seeks to create a synergy between the actors “agrochaines” and thus develop regional competitiveness.

Alpha-rlh-photonic and microwave frequency

Reunion of companies, research centers, technology transfer and training, investors from the photonics and lasers sector in Aquitaine. Alpha-RLH aims to facilitate the development and diffusion of optical/laser technologies in industrial sectors such as aeronautics, health, agri-food, electronics and energy.

Béarn Tourism cluster

Created in September 2017 under associative status, the cluster Tourisme Béarn federates and coordinates the strategy of development of the companies of the territory around a common positioning : “making the Béarn a flagship destination”. The objectives of the cluster are to federate a network of tourism professionals, to set up actions that reinforce the growth of companies, to share and to bring the strategic and innovative vision of béarnais tourism and to make themselves understood Government and institutional institutions.

IFB64, interprofessional association of the Forest and wood Sector of Pyrénées-Atlantiques

L’IFB 64 is the interprofessional association of the Forest and wood Sector of Pyrénées-Atlantiques. Since 2014, it has been working to maintain and develop the departmental forest forest sector for sustainable management of the forest and wood resources. The challenge is to strengthen the sector and build around a logic of territory.

Pôle Avenia – Géosciences sector

The Pôle Avenia, the only French competitiveness centre in the field of Geosciences, aims to contribute to the energy transition by harnessing the scientific, technical and industrial potential of the Aquitaine region and beyond, for use of the basement. The Avenia cluster runs thematic innovation clubs, organizes geoscience meetings and offers the only economic intelligence platform for geosciences: Geoscopy.

PPS – Composite material

PPS is an Association of plastics and composites professionals combined to create and develop industrial activity in Aquitaine and Midi-Pyrénées. Founded in 1990, PPS (Polymer South Pole) was a technical center specializing in polymer and composite materials.
In 2013, it became an industrial group of companies in New Aquitaine and Occitanie. Among the hundred members, 70% are from the field of plastics, producers, processors or specialists in additive technologies (3D printing).

So-Horse-Alliances – Equine sector

The SO-Horse-Alliances Cluster brings together companies from the South-West equine sector, socio-professionals, training and research organizations. The aim is to initiate and support the exchange of know-how, so that companies work together in coherence and share their means to better sell and innovate in their markets.

UIMM – Metalworking industry

UIMM Adour’s vocation is to guarantee strategic visibility on the Adour industrial basin in terms of training, learning, economic actions, as well as defining a common, coherent and coordinated policy.

Xylofutur – Forest and wood

Xylofutur’s mission is to develop the competitiveness through innovation of the actors in the management, exploitation and transformation of forest-wood biomass and thus enable them to access new markets.

Lacq Plus association

The unifying association of SMEs and industrialists in the Lacq area aims to develop and improve relationships between the various stakeholders in the Lacq area. It offers a range of job offers in the trades and the industrial sector. It is from a collective spirit and a common desire to promote the interests of area that Lacq Plus seeks specific and multidisciplinary skills.

BTP federation of Pyrénées-Atlantiques

His role is to be the spokesperson for building companies, inform them and assist them. Thus, it is led to defend the collective interests of the profession and to promote the construction sector, to develop public control and to encourage local authorities to invest, to regain the market of individuals and to act to facilitate the accession to the property, finally valuing the image of the profession through the training of employees, the reception of young people, the qualification and certification of companies…

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