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Research and development

The agglomeration of Pau is a territory with many riches if you want to invest in research and development. Many laboratories, public and private centers dedicated to innovation, will welcome you to create new synergies.

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Pau Béarn Pyrénées, broth of culture, creation and innovation and 2nd pole R&D of New Aquitaine

3 research federations, 2 doctoral schools in Pau

One hundred graduate students per year, 500 researchers and 539 PhD students

The UPPA ranked 12th French university that best accompany its students

12,000 students divided between university, engineering schools and ESC

UPPA ranked 18° French universities win future investments

An ecosystem in close collaboration with its partners Total, Arkema, Terega, Safran

In the first place, the establishment of numerous companies from the geosciences and petroleum engineering activity gives the agglomeration an undeniable strategic positioning. Oil services, instrumentation, training and research centers, laboratories, specialized software publishers : Pau and its agglomeration are positioning themselves as the European capital of geosciences and petroleum engineering. The presence of the Total group provokes a positive dynamic. In its Jean-Feger Center, a physical rock measurement center, Total has installed one of the five largest calculators in the world.

IPRA, oil and engineer sciences

Multidisciplinary Institute for Applied Research in the Field of Petroleum Engineering, combines skills from three different scientific disciplines: mathematics, geoscience and engineering sciences. Its originality lies in this association, which offers the advantage of having complementary know-how to address both experimental and theoretical studies. IPRA has 4 specialized laboratories :

Complex fluides Laboratory and tanks (LFC-R)
LFCR is a research unit, positioned around the study of geo fossil resources.

Mathematics Laboratory and applications (LMAP)
LMAP strong of its recognized skills in modeling and simulation interacts in the field of imaging, reservoir simulation and aerothermodynamics among others.

Energetics Thermal Laboratory and process (LaTEP)
LaTEP works on the issue of energy transition by conducting research in science for the engineer in Energy and Processes for the environment.

University laboratory

The University of Pau and Pays de l’Adour is very important for R&D and technology transfer. It brings together 24 research units comprising several sectors such as geography, law, languages, literature, economics and management, but especially science and technology. With a portfolio exceeding 30 patents and more than 150 research contracts with companies and communities a year, UPPA is showing its dynamism and weight in the region.

UPPA has 8 mixed units with the CNRS, 1 mixed unit associated with the CNRS and Total, 1 mixed unit with INRA and 14 local units.

Chemistry, material, environment and biology

IPREM : Institute of Analytical Sciences and Physico-Chemistry for the Environment and Materials, is the realization of a synergy and a history around research in environment and materials. It is an internationally recognized research center.

IPREM has 4 specialized teams :

  • Physical Chemistry Team (ECP)
  • Physics and Chemistry of Polymers Team (EPCP)
  • Microbiology Environment Team (EEM)
  • Laboratory of Bio-Inorganic Analytical Chemistry and Environment (LCABIE)


The laboratory LIUPPA was created in January 2001. It is composed of about fifty members. The research being conducted is of a applied nature with areas of predilection such as: software engineering, software agents and components, and information systems.


CNRS, an x-ray imaging center was inaugurated to develop RD&I in this area. User-oriented, the PCXI has 2 x-ray micro-tomographs to visualize the internal structure of materials with a precision of one thousandth of a millimeter. The aim is to strengthen the development of a pole of excellence supporting research and innovation in the field of energy and make the area of ​​Pau Pyrénées a “Petropolis”.

For any information concerning research at the University of Pau and Pays de l’Adour, please contact :
Barbara Houzelot
05 59 57 41 87

ISIFor Carnot Institute

ISIFor brings together researchers, lecturers, engineers and professionals under the tutelage of the University of Pau, Bordeaux and Toulouse, the National Polytechnic Institute of Toulouse, the CNRS and the IRD. Its mission is to federate academic research in Aquitaine and Midi-Pyrénées to meet the technological challenges of the oil industry and the challenge of energy transition.

The ISIFor has 500 researchers including 200 doctoral students with a budget of 30M euros.

The markets concerned are energy, environment, natural resources. The know-how and strong skills of the Institute are geosciences, engineering sciences, chemistry and mathematics.

For all information concerning the ISIFor Carnot Institute, please contact :
Virginie Buil
05 59 40 77 96

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