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Major urban projects

Pau 2030 is the manifestation of a global project for the development of the city of Pau and its community of agglomerations in the coming years. It is around 6 major sectors that will build the city of tomorrow, a city respectful of environmental and social issues.

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The new district Rives du Gave

The community of agglomeration Pau Béarn Pyrénées foresees the construction of an urban and landscaped complex, dedicated to both the creative and collaborative economy as well as to leisure and crafts. This new district of Rives du gave is to emerge below the Boulevard des Pyrénées to give life to the gave and make it a place of tourist destination. This project creates a new offer focused on sport and recreation, offering a breath in the heart of the city with spaces dedicated to the promenade and leisure.

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University – Technopole

Between Helioparc which hosts innovative companies and research laboratories, and the University campus which offers a very wide range of trainings, this University-Technopole ensemble will strengthen their links. The objective, in the near future, is to form only one and the same campus dedicated to research, training, innovation and entrepreneurship. This collaboration will highlight the skills of the territory.

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Cami-Salié plain

Between the Hippodrome, the Zénith and the “Palais des sports”, this plain located in the North of Pau has facilities that promote a stronger attractiveness. The Casino settles there, close to the interchange of the A64 but also the new exhibition park which will become the locomotive of this sector.

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The eco-district of the Hameau stadium

For several years, the 30 hectares of the Hameau eco-district have continued to evolve. This great space is an exceptional opportunity to create and develop a new housing model that will host an essential part of the Paloise demographic growth. At the heart of this place, a beautiful landscaped and recreational park will link the sporting facilities, including the hamlet Stadium and the brand new community football stadium.

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District Saragosse

The Saragosse district benefits from an agreement signed with the National Agency for urban renewal in order to make it a real place of life offering new activities and diversified dwellings. This large-scale project will accompany the 14,000 inhabitants of this district between 2016 and 2024.

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The city center of Pau

Les Halles de Pau have been offering since September 2018 a new showcase of local gastronomy and local products. A true economic center, this new living space enhances the attractiveness of the city center. Tomorrow, Pau will benefit from a lively and federating heart. The rehabilitation of the neighborhoods Carnot/République/Halles/Foirail responds to this ambition of a city with a unique urban atmosphere that highlights new projects while respecting the spirit of the place and preparing the inhabitants for new ways of life , to work and to entertain.

Pau 2030, a vision of the city at 20 !

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Here is how, through 6 major sectors, Pau Béarn Pyrénées will be built, respectful of environmental and social issues.

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