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Pau Béarn Pyrénées, land of creation

Land of the Southwest, land of tradition, firmly rooted in its history, Pau Béarn Pyrenees knows how to turn to the future and modernity without ever losing its identity. Proud of its heritage and its manufacturing secrets, it is always ready to welcome new talents. The road of know-how is a fine example, it proposes to meet artists and artisans of art through their workshops.

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Pau Béarn Pyrénées knows how to turn to the future and modernity without ever losing its identity

Béarnais, a Latin language

The béarnais comes from the popular Latin imported from us by the Roman legions. In the 13Th century, the béarnais became the administrative and legal language of the Béarn State, until the revolution. It is always heard on the markets and on the village squares. It is the mother tongue of many elders, it is always taught in calendretas. For a few years, music, songs, dances, cultural and literary heritage value and disseminate the Béarnaise culture and language.

The symbols of Béarn

The two red cows with blue horns have been the symbol of Béarn since the ninth century. Sacred animal of the Vaccesans, whose Bearnais would be descendants, the cow has been present in Béarn since time immemorial. Representing well pastoralism, pure breed Béarnaise, the animal is robust, proud and generous!

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Béret Béarnais

If from eight years the boy wore the beret that he received as an initiatory tradition, the famous headgear became a symbol and a fashion accessory. Its manufacture made in Béarn continues in the workshops of Laulhère in Oloron Sainte-Marie or at Le Béret Français in Laàs. The beret also has its Museum in nay, the opportunity to discover its manufacture and its history.

Shepherd umbrella

Indispensable to the Shepherd to protect from the weather, this umbrella is unique : from a span of 140 to 180 centimeters, cotton canvas on a handle of beech, it would serve almost parasol! Up to 4 hours of work to craft this rare item : in Pau the workshop “in paradise of the umbrella” is the only one in France to maintain this know-how.

Cowbells and bells of Nay

It is on the commune of bourdettes, next to the Bastide of nay, that one of the last workshops of manufacturing of cowbells in France is found. At the foot of the Pyrénées, where pastoralism and transhumance are still present, the Maison daban, since 1795, has been working the plate plates to make hand-baked bells brazed in the oven. These bells, “musical instruments” of livestock in the mountains, are indispensable : the animals do not disperse anymore, are not victims of the vipers, and are more easily spotted in the fog. This know-how of excellence is worth the label “enterprise of living heritage”.

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